What is the Difference Between Obsession and Love ?

The term love may be familiar to us when we hear it. Of course, each of us can be said to have its own meaning in defining love.

In general, the notion of love is an emotion or feeling of affection that someone has in a relationship. It can be a feeling of wanting to strengthen, protect, and grow in a better direction.

Definition of Love

We can find the meaning of love in various aspects of life. In the family life, in the form of parents’ love for their children. Or in an educational environment, such as love of mathematics, history, art, etc. In a business and work environment: love for the job where they are work. Up to the community environment to the state environment, in the form of love for the motherland and country.

Love cannot be separated in all aspects of our life. Even in human relations, we need love. Relationships between two humans, men and women, are created because they love each other. This is natural as a human. To love and be loved by our partner and live together.

Love is a positive thing. We have a good love relationship. Until finally the partner we choose who will always accompany our lives together forever.┬áBehind healthy love, there is something we know as obsession. Many people don’t know the difference between love and obsession. So, what is the difference between obsession and love? Is this something new I need to know?

What is the Difference Between Obsession and Love ?

In this day and age, getting to know other people is very easy. We can take our cell phones, look for applications to find friends or match, sign up for the application and start getting to know each other.

When starting a new phase of getting to know strangers (either online or meeting in person), it certainly takes time to get to know them better. What do we need to know about them or are they hiding something that we should not know? Or maybe people you know are married and have children?

If we are not sure about the feelings of our partner, automatic fear and excessive worry will often attack ourselves. What is worse? This overthinking does not necessarily stop until you get confirmation from that person.

Obsession or Love

Loving someone naturally is how we can convey our feelings without obstacles to the person we like. That way, the turmoil that seems heavy will soon pass. Conversely, lingering worry can actually turn into an unhealthy obsession.